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FIN Film Festival

I film a lot of different things. Segments for CBC news, absurd sketch comedies with my brother, musical performances for my friends, etc. This short (Thumbs Up) was entirely of my own doing, and meant to be a building block toward bigger and better opportunities. It was a selfish endeavor… although, I think other people got a good experience out of it too. That’s the whole package for me, when I’m satisfied and other people enjoyed the experience, whether they worked on it or viewed it. So, screening my film in front of a packed theatre and witnessing the audience have a positive reaction to the film was just so gratifying to me. 


The communication with the festival organizers and myself was great! Their technical team was awesome in terms of helping me deliver the best quality file for my film to play on the big screen. A DCP file, never heard of it, now I know! My best buddies accompanied me to Halifax from St. John’s to attend the festival. We hit the town, had some great food and drinks, explored Halifax, and saw some great films. Devin Shears “Grown in Darkness” was my favorite that I saw. Beautiful film and performance by Newfoundland and Labrador's own Andy Jones. Thanks for having me FIN.



The Black Pocket Cinema 6K Pro. I get the hype. 


From what I can tell, Black Magic doesn’t have a great reputation. When I used to work at Long and McQuade, I remember the brand Behringer being constantly scrutinized for its poor quality and tendency for failure. All their gear was super cheap, but people couldn’t rely on it. To me, I thought Black Magic cameras are the Behringer of the video world. 


I needed a camera to shoot a free outdoor music event that my friend Shaun McCabe throws every year called Brokest Fest.I rented the BMPC6KP. There’s no in-body stabilization, so I rented a couple sigma lenses, ND and pro mist filters. 


This camera is a beast. The operating system, menu layout, quality of the image, the recording options. If you’re looking into getting a video camera, this one has really caught my attention, especially for the price! A lot of the time, I am a run

and gun shooter. The menu system makes everything so easy to navigate. Changing frame rates, white balance, audio, everything! There’s a ton of shit online about this, so I won’t get nitty-gritty. You don’t need to buy a whole lot of accessories to go out and shoot with this, but if you’re shooting a lot and doing long days, you’re probably gonna want to rig it out. 


I have heard a lot of good and bad about Black Magic, but I think they nailed it on this camera. People shoot great content on a lot less.

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